About Us

About Us

At Bram Racing we aim to give you the best customer experience possible.  

Of course, we are limited within our small garage and reception by way of facilities, but hopefully you will go away feeling happy and content.

We're aware many garages don't have a meticulous record where honesty and customer satisfaction are concerned, and this has always been our number one priority.  

  • We will always try to get you the best deal, whether on parts, tyres or services.
  • We will NEVER try and sell you anything you don't need, as we truly believe that the way to win our customers is by saving them money, giving an excellent service and gaining their trust.
  • We'll let you work it out for yourselves whether you'll want come back to us!! 

We have the best four-wheel alignment equipment on the market (Hunter). We searched and asked questions for 6 months before deciding it was the one to go for.  And it didn't come cheap!  But we still aim to give an outstanding service for a very fair, competitive price.
And we won't carry out any work without confirming with you first. There's nothing worse than a surprise on your invoice! 

During an alignment check we will also check your tyres for wear and make sure they're correctly inflated.  

We also have a look under your vehicle to check for suspension / steering components that may have failed.

We can undertake any suspension work required, and can source parts at reasonable prices.  

We have excellent trade suppliers for tyres and we're told by our customers that they're always good prices. Most can be sourced the same or next day. 

We have been suppliers for SuperPro Polyurethane Bushes since 2004 and believe these are the best on the market, with a lifetime warranty too.  The amount of research into their design SuperPro put in proves how serious they are about bushings. 

Feel free to order online or by phone and we will happily post out any items. 

If you would like any advice on any of the services we provide, please call us or email us - 01977 703888