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Building a new Tomcat

April 2012

Here we start our new FIA-spec 100" Tomcat build.

Featuring a 3.5 V8 and uprated components designed for the toughest races, rather than a nod towards road usage.

Many of the lessons learnt from the building of a road-ready Tomcat have lead to a speedy initial build of this machine.

The main difference between the builds is that this will be completly dry built, run around the yard, then stripped for powder coating and full refurbishment / replacement of every component.

Removing the 3.5 Rover V8 out of the old car, came out with no proplem just needs jetwashing now!

fia tomcat land rover v8

The chassis is a new Discovery 1 chassis, seen here temporary mounted to its axles.

The engine / gearbox / transfer box combo went in first time with only a little adjustment, and is mounted on custom engine mounts which use SuperPro bushes for strength and resilliance (these are the only bushes we would use or recommend - see our SuperPro page to find out why)

fia tomcat land rover v8

The axles will be all Ashcroft hardened shafts, pegged diffs and held in place with Superpro bushes.

Damping will be with Fox 2.5" remote resevoir shafts all round.

The gearbox is currently a LT77 mounted to a modified ratio transfer box, lightened , locked and low ratio removed for weight reduction.

Next step, whilst the axles are resting on the chassis, is to work out the exhaust system and the cooling system to the rear mounted Discovery 2 radiator, so that they do not catch when the axles start flying about.