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Blog re-started

I will be trying to keep up with the blog from now on, so hopefully will get some of you following and able to keep up to date with how Bram Racing is doing.

The really exciting news for this week is that our new advert for Ridings FM has started today (Monday) - keep your ears open for it.  We think it's great. As soon as I can work out how, I'll put it on here for you.

Last week was a busy, stressful week. Monday mornings always give the impression the week is going to be a steady one, but by Saturday (or in this case Sunday) we're wondering where our week and indeed weekend went!

  We have decided to get a courtesy car in the fleet, for our customer's convenience.  That way, they don't have to stick around while their car gets an alignment, although many are happy to watch it being done.  Yyou see, most of our customers REALLY love their cars, and they know what we're doing for them is the equivelant to us going on a spa day (ladies anyway) - the car will feel and drive so much better after a Hunter  four wheel alignment, so it's not like dropping it off for an oil change, we look after your car and make it feel like new again, and hopefully save you lots of money by making your tyres last longer.  Anyway, back to the courtesy car.  We have our trusty Polo, never let us down, and we're a bit reluctant to say goodbye, so we're giving it a service, changing the clutch, giving it some new tyres, four wheel aligning it (no excuses really), then giving it a full wrap in our Bram Racing colours.  Hopefully it'll be all ready and looking like new in the next couple of weeks.  A race car it's not, but it will do the job splendidly, and so you should be seeing it in the area soon.

  Our courtesy car being overhauled

Over the course of a week we usually see a particular car make/model more than others, and last week seemed to be the Ford Focus week for some reason.  Wonder what this week will bring?

Over the weekend we've had final accounts to do, which has ensured we haven't really had a weekend, but that's all done now, so we can concentrate on the important stuff again (getting the Tomcat ready for it's first comp safari event in August and getting wheel alignments booked in)

Will check in again next week, unless something really exciting happens before then!