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New Unit

May 2012

We have now moved to a brand new, shiny, clean unit with workshop.  It has a bigger workshop area, with no leaks, draughts or creaky doors.  We are building a corridor, converting the space into a trade counter to enable customers to collect if they wish.  There's also a shiny new office, so Michelle is more than happy.

All work on the cars had to grind to a hault for about 3 weeks beforehand whilst we packed everything. We moved the cars,  springs were removed and it was dropped onto its bump stops (this was done before the engine went in to check that it didnt foule with anything).  The engine was tacked into place and it was "mobile".  This helped when we were putting it in the lorry. We're all "moved in" now and work can re-commence on the Tomcat.

Bram Racing New Unit