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Axle Refurbishment

The axles from the donor vehicle were sold with it but the axle corners were chanded to standard. We now need to refurbish the old axle corners.  This is the state they started out as.

Old Axle

Above - corner removed from the axle.

Below - before the parts were sandblasted and painted

Axle parts before sandblasting

Below - after the corners were sandblasted and painted

Axle after sandblasting/paint

Refurbished axle assembled back together

Re-assembled Axle pic 1Re-assembled Axle pic 2

Below - the radius arm has been powder-coated Radius arm powder-coated

Axle casings

above the axle back from blasting, ready for the panhard rod brackets to be welded on, see below

Axle bracket

Axle with bracket

Still needing a few things cut off, such as the A frame bracket

A frame bracket

A frame bracket 2

Below - Axles back from powder-coaters

Powder-coated axles

The heavy duty diff pan should provide enough protection to the four pin diff

Heavy duty diff pan

Below - Wonder how long it will stay looking this clean?Refurb - Axle

back axle powder-coated with heavy duty diff pan

First fit of the axles under the Tomcat

Axles - first fit

Both axles fitted

Both axles