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October is 'Tyre Safety Month' - Get your free tyre safety check now!

To help local drivers stay safe on the roads this winter, Bram Racing will be offering free tyre safety checks as part of October’s tyre safety month.

See the video below to show how different tread depths react to water on the road.

As part of the checks, qualified tyre technicians from the company will make inspections to ensure that the tyres are inflated to the correct pressures, that they meet the legal minimum tread depth of 1.6mm and the tyres are in a safe and roadworthy condition.

“As the weather starts to take a turn for the worse, our free tyre safety checks are designed to be a real life saver,” explains Michelle, Manager of Bram Racing “Many drivers simply don’t know what to look for or just can’t seem to find the time, so this is a great way to get some peace of mind.”

While checking the condition of tyres only takes a matter of minutes, last year, more than 1,200 road casualties were caused in the UK by accidents where illegal, defective and under-inflated tyres were a contributory factor. What’s more, motorists found to be driving on illegal tyres risk fines of up to £2,500 and three penalty points for each illegal tyre.

“As well as ensuring that your tyres are safe and legal with a free tyre safety check, it’s wise to ask for an alignment check at the same time,” adds Michelle. “If your wheels are not properly aligned, your tyres can very quickly suffer from irregular or uneven wear, which may make them unsafe or even illegal to use, not to mention the cost of replacing tyres too soon."

When a car’s wheels are misaligned, the tyres scrub along the road surface as the wheel rotates, causing them to wear out rapidly and in an uneven manner. Misalignment can also result in higher fuel bills and reduced safety as drivers become distracted by vehicle pull or drift issues.

It is estimated that 9 out of 10 cars in the UK suffer from some form of misalignment which normally can only be properly diagnosed with a four wheel alignment check.

Drivers booking their car in for an alignment check will receive a colour printout showing if any of their car’s key 14 alignment angles are outside of the tolerances specified by their vehicle manufacturer. They will also receive advice on the amount of legal tread left on their tyres, if they are in a safe condition as well as having their tyre pressure checked.

To take advantage of the free tyre safety checks being offered by us or to book your car in for a professional four wheel alignment check, call 01977 703888.


For more information on wheel alignment and the Hunter system we use visit is a wheel alignment information resource and centre locator developed by Pro-Align, one of the UK’s leading independent suppliers of wheel alignment and wheel service equipment. Pro-Align’s advanced systems are used by many vehicle manufacturers, franchised dealer groups, independent workshops, motorsport specialists and vehicle technology consultancies. Pro-Align is the sole partner for the Hunter range of wheel aligners, balancers and tyre changers in the UK.

Give your customers a treat

We're going to be targeting any garage businesses out there that would like to give their customers the best in wheel alignment, without having to shell out thousands on state of the art equipment. 

Why not send your customer's car to us to do the job for you. It's also a great service if you're a car sales garage, as it will give added confidence that the car they're buying has been four wheel aligned, so no previous unknown bumps, and no tyres to have to buy before time! 

We can offer great deals, with discounts, and we can collect and deliver the car to your business.  We will provide before and after printouts, and will keep you informed at every step, so no sharp surprises when you receive the invoice. 

Give us a call if it's something you may be interested in. We have a good reputation, and giving first class customer service is our priority.  Most of our customers have had someone recommend us to them. 

On another note, we have a new resident at the premises.  We watched her build the biggest nest in the smallest tree around, and now she's sitting waiting for the eggs to hatch.  She must get that nice relaxed atmosphere from somewhere!!


                Our Tomcat getting a little bit of sun


A trip to accident and emergency did the trick!

Well, it's been a busy week, with one or two unusual cars in for wheel alignment.  It's always much nicer to work when the sun is shining, and we've had plenty of that. 

                  What we hear a lot of from our customers is 'we would have come to you sooner, but we didn't know you were here' which is really frustrating for us, as we've advertised lots recently, in the paper, on the radio, signs up and down the roads etc.  A really good way of advertising is to go to A&E for treatment wearing your work t-shirt !! Well, it worked for me.  After having the hinged counter crash down on my hand the other day, I spent a day complaining about the pain, and knew it looked bad, as even Brad was being sympathetic, and he saw it happen. The next day I thought it best to have an X-ray so nipped myself to Pontefract A&E, where a lovely friendly Dr decided it wasn't broken, and then spent the rest of the time getting my details and telling me about his BMW X5, and how it really needed aligning.  By the end of the week he was booked in and had his alignment done. I wonder if it works when you're out shopping as well!! I don't need much of an excuse. 

                   At the beginning of the week we had a Land Rover Defender 90 in, with the biggest wheels I've seen on one, so big, we had to adapt the alignment targets to get them on the wheels, but after all the extra effort no alignment was needed, as it was spot on.  This is something we really don't mind, so don't be put off.  We will do the alignment check for FREE and there is absolutely NO OBLIGATION for having work done even if it's needed.  We know you'll recommend us to others, and you'll be back next time you want an alignment done, we're sure of that.                              

                  We also had a lovely Quantum kit car in for alignment, and Brad's old driving instructor (as in back in the days he was learning, not the instructor who's old) has been in for tyres and alignment on his Seat Leon FR, if anyone wants driving lessons he's the man (Trinity Driving School 07737 656026). 

Pleased to say that after a couple of weeks where it was pretty quiet, it's back busier than ever.

Post written by Michelle

Land Rover Defender alignment

Land Rover Defender 90 Wheel balanced

BMW X5 Wheel Alignment


Quantum Kit Car Alignment

Quantum Kit Car